Dr. Vijay Labana


Dr. Vijay Labana is having experience of more than 12 years of Opthalmic patient care.He has done his MBBS from MGM Medical College Indore(M.P) & has done his Post Graduation from MY hospital MGM Medical college Indore.

Dr. Labana has done his Specialist Fellowship from Sewa Rural Hospital Jhagdia Dist.Bharuch (Gujrat) & Phaco Fellowship from Dr shrof’s Eye hospital Navsari Gujrat.

Dr labana has operated more than 15000 Surgeries. He has worked in Railway hospital Dahod for 8 years & was doing private practice at Dahod in Gujrat from 2008-2016.

Worked with Bhansali trust Gujrat & had done cataract surgeries for charity at Bodh gaya Bihar under Bhansali trust since last 10 years.Dr Labana trained in Lasik in Indore.

Was Surveyer ophthalmologist in

  • WHO trachoma Survey in Surendra Nagar Dist.Gujrat.
  • Participated in preparing Eye injury posters for WHO by Sewa Rural hospital.
  • WHO Blindness survey in Novasari Dist.Gujrat.

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